If you accumulate winnings at online casinos, many people will think, “I want to withdraw this money and go on a trip!” And “I want to buy what I want!”.

So how do you withdraw money from an online casino? I will explain in detail.

[Major premise] Online casinos cannot be withdrawn unless the deposit method and withdrawal method are the same.

The main premise of withdrawal from an online casino is “withdrawal using the same method as the deposit method”. in short,

ecoPayz deposit → ecoPayz withdrawal only
Venus Point deposit → Venus Point withdrawal only
about it. However, the situation is different if you deposit with a credit card. This is because you can deposit with your credit card, but you cannot withdraw. Therefore, if you deposit with a credit card, you can withdraw by a method other than the deposit method such as ecoPayz, Venus Point, iWallet.

Withdrawal methods are different at each casino! Common withdrawal methods
In general, the services that can be used as a withdrawal method for online casinos include the following.

Venus Point
Bank transfer
Which method is available depends on the rules of each online casino. The feature of ecoPayz and iWallet is that they can be used at a large number of online casinos.

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