Types of online casino games and recommended games

At the online casino, you can enjoy various games introduced below. By properly grasping such information about how easy it is to earn each game and what kind of rules it is, you will be able to earn efficiently.

In any online casino, slots are basically the most fulfilling. Depending on the vendor, there are more than 1000 types of slot games available, so it will be an irresistible volume for slot lovers. The payout rate, which is an indicator of how easy it is to earn, is about 95%. This is, of course, the average number for slot games as a whole, and depending on the type of slot, it can produce an astonishing payout rate approaching 100%.

There is also an option called “autoplay” in online casino slot games. With this autoplay, you can bet on your own, even if you’re doing something else. Therefore, even those who are too busy to play at online casinos can play slots. If you earn money there, it will be just “unearned income.”

Even at online casinos, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a real land casino. The way is to play at a live casino. A live casino is a game in which you can enjoy betting while watching a video of an actual dealer progressing the game in real time.

For games other than live casinos, there are many people who feel, “Is there a squid?” Or “Is there an unjust program?” The bottom line is that you don’t have to worry about that, but you may still be worried. However, in the case of a live casino, there is no need to worry about squid. If you want to bet in an absolutely fair play environment, we recommend choosing a live casino.

Poker, which is said to be one of the world’s three major card games, is also a popular game in online casinos. At online casinos, you can play different types of poker, including Casino Hold’em, Stud Poker, and Three Card Poker. Of course, in addition to table games, live tables are also available, and direct confrontations with dealers are also attractive.

Compared to other games, poker is a game that requires a lot of intelligence and strategy. If you want to make money on your own rather than making money by luck, play poker.


Baccarat is a game with many live tables and game types in every online casino. You can predict which number will be larger, player or bunker, and if you hit the mark, you will receive a payout (player: 2 times, bunker: 1.95 times)

The rules are very simple, and even with live baccarat, you can move on to the next game quickly, so it is also recommended for beginners. Depending on the table, live baccarat may have an extremely high table limit of 6 million yen, so it will be a game that you can enjoy high rollers as well.


Roulette offers a wide range of payout rates, from 2x to 36x. Therefore, it is a big feature that you can enjoy a wide range of betting methods according to your financial situation and taste. Roulette is a game with a very big element of luck. It’s the perfect game for a genuine gambler who wants to raise money by luck without thinking about anything.

In addition, system bets such as the Martingale method, Parley method, and Dalambert method are relatively easy to use games. It’s a completely patterned game, so it’s recommended for players who prioritize earning rather than enjoying the excitement of the game.

【black Jack】

Blackjack is the only online casino game with a return rate of over 100%. It can be said that it is especially easy to earn among all the gambling in the world. The rules themselves are very simple: the dealer or the player competes for a combination that is closer to 21. If you have more than 22 combinations, you lose at that point.

Blackjack has the following three strengths.

・ When Blackjack (A and 10 or a combination of picture cards) is realized with the first two cards, the payout will be 5 times (usually 2 times).

・ In the case of a tie, the bet amount will be refunded in full.

・ The victory or defeat is completely fifty-fifty

For example, let’s say you bet $ 10 100 times in a row and you have 50 wins and 50 losses. At this time, the profit is not plus or minus 0. Of the 50 wins, if you were the first to achieve blackjack five times, you would have an additional $ 5 profit each, for a total profit of $ 25. In this way, even if the result is fifty-fifty, it is a big attraction of blackjack that you can make a profit. Therefore, it can be said that it is a game that is fairly easy to earn.


You can also enjoy the popular board game Monopoly at the online casino. However, instead of playing in a life game like in normal Monopoly, you are playing a game that incorporates the elements of Monopoly. The game itself is a game that combines Monopoly and the Money Wheel. Basically, you can predict at which number on the board the needle will stop, and if you hit it, you can receive a refund with a payout of “that number + 1 times”. The content is a little similar to roulette.

In addition to the numbers, there are also “?”, “2Roll”, and “4Roll” squares on the board. When it stopped at either “2Roll” or “4Roll”, Uncle Monopoly finally came into play. Entering the board game (bonus stage), the amount of bets will be doubled by the number of squares that have stopped rolling the dice. Even beginners can enjoy it because it is possible to make an ultra-small bet of $ 0.1.

Thringo is a new type of game that combines slots and bingo. The return rate is about 95%, which is comparable to the average of online casinos.

The flow of the game is as follows.

・ Determine the bet amount
・ Spin a specified number of times
・ Bingo
・ Get dividends according to the number of bingo

It’s not easy to get bingo, but just like in regular slot games, it’s a great chance when additional spins appear. The more bingo you have, the higher your payout will be. As for the impression that I actually played, I am quite addicted to it. For those who want to enjoy the game with a unique world view, playing Slingo is recommended.

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