The new casino may not offer deposit bonuses to attract customers. The following is a summary of the small new casinos built in Japan around 2021.

Casino Money amount Withdrawal conditions Withdrawal limit How to receive
Crackling Casino 1,000 yen + FS 5 times 1x 50,000 yen Automatic reflection
Frank Casino does not have any
Slot without any
Joint venture spinning casino without any
Joo Casino does not have any
Casino hotel without any
Minnie Casino does not have any
River Bell Casino does not have any
Legal casino without any
Fugaji does not have any
Chapter 777
32 red * not compatible with Japan
w88 casino * not compatible with Japan
Gigolo Casino * End of service
W88 Casino * End of service
Yamato Bet * End of service
* There are mobile casinos that support smart phone websites.

Currently, only Crackle Casino has no deposit bonuses. Other online casinos do not provide or will soon withdraw from Japan and no longer provide services.

New casinos that are too small are often fraudulent websites that refuse to withdraw cash, forcibly freeze accounts, or suddenly close their doors and escape. Basically, it is recommended to use a large casino with a long history of operation and reliability.

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