Introduce online casinos in the form of rankings. The bonus details, types and betting limits have also been released.

【Queen Casino】The bonus is up to $1,600! You can go from the first deposit to the fourth deposit

At Queen Casino, you can get up to $1,600 in bonuses. You will receive the bonus before the 4th deposit, so it is better to deposit separately instead of depositing a large amount of money at once.

The first deposit yield is as high as 150%, so you must get up to 500 USD (the maximum deposit above 333 USD).

The withdrawal conditions are 10 to 18 times, which is a pretty good setting in the online casino industry. Since there are no banned games, it is easy to quit and attractive.

■ Bonus content recharge
Amount content
Up to $500 for the first time / 150% refund
(Withdrawal conditions: 18 times)
Up to 500/50% off the second time
(Withdrawal conditions: 14 times)
Up to 500/25% off for the third time
(Withdrawal conditions: 12 times)
4th place up to USD 100/rebate 10%
(Withdrawal conditions: 10 times)
■ Bonus type
Comprehensive: Use cash and bonuses together
■ Bonus betting limit

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