Villa John Casino | Instant bank deposits up to 25,000 USD

Vera John Casino bank transfer limit/fee/reflection time
Deposit limit $ 10- $ 25,000
Withdrawal limit $ 10- $ 45,000
Free deposit fees
Withdrawal fee 1.5%
Payment response time immediately
Exit reflection time 2 working days
Remittance method Domestic remittance
The account reflection time of the bank transfer deposit at Villa John Casino is the earliest instant. You can play immediately when you like it, which is very attractive.

The withdrawal speed is relatively fast, but as the withdrawal amount increases, the withdrawal speed tends to slow down. It is a good idea to apply for withdrawals frequently.

In addition, when you deposit at Villa John Casino, you will have the opportunity to get free bonuses in the “Daily Cash Lottery” every day for 14 days. If you want to make the most of your bonus, we recommend that you deposit it every two weeks.

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